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Kurayami no kengen the Clan of Darkness

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Kurayami no kengen the Clan of Darkness

Post by Madara Uchiha on Sun May 12, 2013 8:46 am

Clan Biography

Name: Kurayami no kengen (Darkness Incarnate)
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Clan Symbol:
Traits: Pale skin and slick black hair. Pupils are slitted like a lizards and eyes onyx black.
Will add later

  • MUST be part of Kirigakure no Sato
  • Yamiton, Yohton (Yang Release) and Inton (Yin Release) must be you prominent element
  • Are not allowed to be a Jinchuuriki
  • +41 Chakra Control to use Yamiton
  • +31 Chakra Reserves to use Yamiton
  • MUST specialise in Ninjutsu
  • MUST have high chakra reserves
  • MUST have high chakra control
  • May not learn Hikariton
  • Primary basic elements must be either earth, wind or water


Name: Yamiton - Darkness Release
Type: Chakra Limit
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Ability: The Yamiton or Darkness Release is a powerful bloodline given to the Kurayami no Kengen clan by the Juubi and are descendants of both the original Uchiha and original Rinnegan user. The Yamiton is combination of Inton and Yohton with the added effect of the dark chakra of the Juubi. By combining the three Inton for imagination, Yohton for creation and the Juubi's dark chakra it gives the user the ability to process and use the Darkness Element. The Yamiton by using it allows one to create a thick black veil of chakra around them manipulating the chakra to form around their body and create unique weaponry to create a diverse arsenal of techniques even manipulate it around an arm to create deadly claws. The Yamiton is also used by gathering negative chakra and the yamiton element together to fire off powerful black beams similar but weaker to a Bijuu dama. To utilise the Yamiton one needs high levels of chakra and control as the element can be quite consuming of ones chakra reserves but without a high level of control can not properly wield it.

By releasing the dark veil around ones body a Yamiton user can release a strange black mist from the pours of their body which gathers into the air blackening out the light as dark veils cover the land. The mist can be manipulated and turned solid to be utilised in their darkness techniques. The Yamiton enables a user to even manipulate surrounding shadows bringing them to life or even step into the shadows and travel through them.

As the Yamiton is the polar opposite to the Hikariton it can be defeated by a user of the light release yet the Yamiton can also beat a user of the light release if strong enough or more experienced.

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