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Post by Madara Uchiha on Sat Oct 11, 2014 3:47 pm


What are skills? Skills are abilities that can be used inside roleplay during missions, plots, evens or general threading. These skills are abilities that will assist you inside and outside of combat such as Tree Climbing, Stealth, Seduction, Trap Making and more.

  • Seduction: The art to mesmerise your target, to seduce them with your body, your voice to lead them astray in order to lull them into a false sense of security to assassinate them, defeat them or retrieve information. The higher your seduction skill is the higher chance you have to successfully seduce a target. 0/300

  • Stealth: The art of being undetectable. Stealth allows you to stick to the shadows, to avoid detection and sneak around without being seen or heard. The higher your stealth the higher the chance you have of sneaking around on people in order to listen to important conversations or to assassinate a target. 0/300

  • Trap Making: The ability to construct difficult traps in order to catch opponents of guard, help to formulate plans or to booby trap areas in order to gain an advantage in battle or to prevent others from reaching a certain area. The higher your ability in Trap Making is the stronger the traps you make are and the higher chance you have of detecting traps or making new ones. 0/300

  • Poison Making: A skill that allows you to make poisons from those designed to paralyse or those designed to kill. Through Poison Making the user will soon become immune and able to detect other poisons as they increase their skill in their area. As your experience grows you'll be able to make stronger poisons. 0/300

  • Herb Brewing: Knowing how to make soldier pills, blood pills, herbal remedies are an important skill, especially if you are able to make them from surrounding herbs, should you know how. Herb brewing allows those who know this skill to make potions and pills designed to heal the body, boost chakra reserves or enhance physical abilities. As your experience grows in Herb Brewing you will find yourself making stronger potions. 0/300

  • Survival: Knowing how to survive in the wild is an important trait for a shinobi, if you don't know how to survive you can die. The Survival skill teaches you how to find shelter, make shelter, collect fire wood, teaches you about various foods you can find in the wild, how to find water and more. 0/300

  • Dual Wielding: The ability to dual wield swords, axes, hammers any type of melee weapon with one hand allowing you to utilise two weapons in combat. This does not apply to Kunai knives. 0/300

  • One Handed Wielding: The ability to wield weapons that would normally need two hands with only one handed thus freeing one of your hands up in battle. 0/300

  • One Handed Seals: The skill that allows you to use wield one handed seals in battle giving you an advantage with your jutsu. 0/300

  • Tracking: This is the art of being able to harness senses in order to follow a trail. It be finding tracks or even picking up a scent, finding a person who ran away is an asset. 0/300

  • Hunting: This is a skill that gives a better sense of hunting animals, giving you a higher chance to be able to kill wild animals effectively. 0/300

  • Blacksmithing: 0/300

  • Enhancement: 0/300

  • Seal Crafting: 0/300

  • Bartering: 0/300

  • Cooking: This is of course the art of creating edible food. Those who use this skill will eventually be able to create their own consumable items. 0/300

  • House Cleaning: 0/300

  • Laundry: 0/300

  • Crafting: 0/300

  • Home Repair & Maintenance: This skill allows to repair broken property, or maintain it. It decreases wordcounts for repairing places. 0/300

  • Genjutsu Detection: 0/300

  • Leaf Balancing: 0/300

  • Surface Climbing: 0/300

  • Water Walking: 0/300

  • Land Surfing: 0/300

  • Air Surfing: 0/300

  • Waterfall Walking: 0/300

  • Chakra Flow: 0/300

  • Sewing: This skill allows one to create their own clothing. 0/300

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