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Yuki Clan

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Yuki Clan Empty Yuki Clan

Post by Hayato on Sun Jun 09, 2013 2:36 am

Clan Biography

Name: Yuki
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Clan Symbol:
Yuki Clan Clan_Yuki
Traits: Slight Pale skin, long black hair.
The yuki clan was born and came into existance when the Ichibi blessed the first member of its clan with the element of ice allowing them to combine water and wind. During the clan wars the yuki members were feared for their Hyouton Ninjutsu capable of manipulating water molecules and freezing them over or even create ice form their very own chakra. They fought against many other clans their main rivals being the terumi who utilised the boil and lava release bloodline. During the wars the Yuki allied with the warrior clan the Kaguya's and their bone release bloodline that allowed them to manipulate their own bone structure. When trhe first shinobi villages formed Yuki migrated to Kirigakure taking part and becoming a founding clan of the villafge with the Kaguya's, Terumi's, uzumaki's and Hozuki's. During the first great shinobi war when kiri had betrayed Kumo forcing the Raikage to attack them many of their members went missing or were killed in the conflict as was the same with the second and third wars that had broken out. Now their members remain to only a hand full.
Requirements: Primary Elements: Wind, Water. Be apart of Kirigakure no sato (Request admin permission to be in another village). Primary Specialisation: Ninjutsu


Name: Hyouton (Ice Release)
Type: Chakra Limit
Village: Kirigakure
Yuki Clan 300px-Demonic_Ice_Mirrors
Yuki Clan Ice
Ability: The yuki clan possess a unique element alignment to the Ice release element a combination of Water and Wind that combines into making ice. By mixing wind and water chakra together they are able to create ice from their own chakra and manipulate it as an extension of their own bodies. By using surrounding water molecules in the air or surrounding lakes, rivers or water sources they can use this water and freeze it over turning it to ice and manipulate it for their techniques. As a member of the Yuki clan the hyouton also gives them a higher resistant to freezing temperatures allowing them to walk naked in the snow and not feel cold however they are more susceptible to heat. Because of there ice release element they have a heightened control over wind and water these two elements becoming their primary affinities.


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Yuki Clan Empty Re: Yuki Clan

Post by Phanar on Sun Jun 09, 2013 7:21 am


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