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Stat Guide Revised Empty Stat Guide Revised

Post by Madara Uchiha on Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:23 am


  • Chakra Reserves: This is how much chakra you have as well as the strength of your Jutsu
  • Chakra Control: How much control you have over your chakra and how much you use per Jutsu
  • Luck: Is important for certain events that will appear during requests, training, plots and events that require a roll of luck. The higher your luck the better chance you have off passing luck tests. Luck tests will also allow you the chance to find or win rare items, weapons, skills, summons and jutsu.
  • Endurance: This is how much health you have
  • Strength: How strong you are physically
  • Speed: How fast you are
  • Perception: This is your ability to perceive things and sense your surroundings as well as detect genjutsu. Perception is also your ability to perceive where you are throwing or launching your jutsu your accuracy pertains to your perception
  • Accuracy: How accurate you are in hitting a target


To train stats you make a training topic which must be approved by an Admin or Moderator before you are allowed to gain the necessary stats you have trained for. When you conduct a training top and it is approved for stat points they may be allocated to any one of your stats.

Every 200 words you write in a training topic = 1 stat point.

You cannot make a training topic that comprises entirely of you talking for 800 words than writing 200 words of running around the village and claim to get 5 stat points. You will only be given 1. A training post must be you actually training your character! This is through running, weight lifting, exercising, jutsu practising, weapon throwing or sparring. In sparring threads at the end once everything is approved you will receive an extra 50% worth of stat points.

If you make a sparring topic of 2000 words with another that's 10 stat points but you will also gain an extra 50% being 5 stats making it a total of 15.

When training using a specific skill or item or even Jutsu designed for giving you a specific stat that stat actually stacks onto your overall count. If you do a solo 10,500 topic normally you earn only 50 points, however if you are working on the tree climbing exercise the entire time you earn extra stats. For the first 5,00 of those words you get +10 Chakra Control and +6 Chakra Reserves for every 1,000 words after you get +5 Chakra Control and +3 Chakra Reserves. To add that up with 10,000 extra words gives you an extra +50 Chakra Control and +30 Chakra Reserves. All up you earn 146 Stat points with 60 going to Chakra Control and 36 to Chakra Reserves and 50 to be distributed to any other stats.

Character Stats Guide

Starting Stats
Jinchuuriki: 300
Academy Student: 150
Genin: 300
Chunin: 600
Tokubetsu Jounin: 800
Jounin: 1,000
Dainin: 1,200
Kage: 1,500

Chakra Reserves
Your chakra reserves equals just how much chakra is running through your body. The more chakra you have the more jutsu you can use before you need to recover. The more chakra you have the stronger your jutsu will be increasing the damage each technique does. You can have an infinite amount of chakra. As long as you have the stat points put as many as you wish into your chakra reserves. When in combat your overall chakra pool depends on your chakra reveres x 10. Example if your chakra reserves are at 50 then your chakra pool is 500.

Chakra Control
Chakra control is the how much control you have over your chakra reserves. With a higher level of control one is able to perform Genjutsu and Iryou Ninjutsu as a high level of chakra control is required for these two arts. Your chakra control also dictates how quickly you regenerate chakra per post. You regenerate chakra equal to 25% of your base chakra control stat (no enhancements). As such if your chakra control is 200 you will regenerate 50 chakra every post, if only 20 you regenerate 5 chakra every post. Like your chakra reserves there is no limit to how many sat points you can place here.

Luck is an important stat for  events, missions and plots. During missions, events and plots luck tests will pop up every now and then testing your luck, if you pass these luck tests you will have the chance to gain rare items, jutsu, skills, summons, weapons or even find a large amount of ryo.

Endurance is classed as your bodies strength when it comes to taking hits in hand to hand combat, weaponry, summons or even Jutsu. The more endurance you have the more damage you can withstand or the less damage you take. Endurance equals your health which is your endurance times 10. Since Endurance is your health much like Chakra, Chakra Control and Luck you can add as many stat points to endurance as you please.

Strength represents the physical and raw muscular strength your character possesses. They may be overly muscular yet have no strength at all or relatively thin with powerful packed muscles.The amount of damage you cause with a your physical hits is equal to half your strength stat. If your strength stat is 30 you cause 15 points worth of damage. Max strength stat is 300.

Speed is the essence of which how fast your character is capable of moving. The lower your speed the slower you are but the higher the speed the faster you are.

  • [5/300] 5m/s
  • [10/300] 7m/s
  • [25/300] 8m/s
  • [50/300] 9m/s
  • [75/300] 10m/s
  • [100/300] 12m/s
  • [150/300] 15m/s
  • [200/300] 20m/s
  • [250/300] 25m/s
  • [300/300] 30m/s

This is your ability to perceive and sense your surroundings. The lower your perception the less you are able to sense your enemies. The higher your perception is the higher ability you have to sense your enemies around you and evil intent. If your perception is higher than your opponents stealth you'll be able to detect them. Max Perception stat 300.

Accuracy: Your accuracy is an important part of being a shinobi, if you can't hit your target then you'll need to boost your accuracy. During certain events, plots and requests your accuracy will be tested and if your accuracy is not high enough you won't pass. Max Accuracy stat 300]

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