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Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P

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Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P Empty Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P

Post by Madara Uchiha on Fri Jun 21, 2013 3:54 pm

Clan Biography

Name: Hayashi
Village: EX Konohagakure no Sato
Clan Symbol:
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P Tribal10
Traits: Green tinge to their skin and dark orange hair or green hair
Requirements: Yin, Yang, Earth and Water as Primary Elements. Primary Specialisation: Ninjutsu


Name: Seichōton (Growth Release)
Type: Chakra Limit
Village: EX Konohagakure no Sato
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P 180px-Seeds
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P 180px-Shokuyou
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P 180px-Mimosa
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P 180px-Bloodsucking
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P 180px-Tree
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P 180px-Root
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P Tumblr_m98mgwrxwE1qckwxco1_500
Hayashi (Extinct) Clan W.I.P Tumblr_mcoybhiIxC1qczibyo1_500
Ability: The Hayashi clan possess a unique advanced nature element that goes beyond a Kekkei Tota as it combines four elements instead of three together. Before the Hayashi utilised the Shinton or Forest Release but over the years they learned to utilise into or yin release and mixed it together with their Shinton which opened a new world of techniques for them as with the inton now added they were able to change the genetic make up of seedlings and surrounding flora to the finest degree able to take and mutate a single gene with another gene from another plant cross breeding to create new species as well as record the dna structure of a plant. By using the into they were able to create demonic like plants by even combining them with animal DNA thanks to their inton infusing them also with human chakra, animal chakra or even bijuu/seijuu chakra enhancing these species creating deadly new breeds to utilise in their techniques through these seedlings or create new seedlings by into and giving life with yohton before mixing in earth and water to cause these plants to grow.

These new plants and this new element allowed the Hayashi to make a name for themselves allowing them to become feared amongst the land for their creations.

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