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Wakizashi SS Rank

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Wakizashi SS Rank

Post by Kagirinai on Thu Jun 20, 2013 11:23 am

Name: Wakizashi
Type: Sword
Rank:  SS
The Wakizashi is fifteen inches in length weighing ten pounds. The handle is black with a diamond pattern etched into both sides of the handle. Its guard is a golden oval with a steel blade. The sheathe is black with a black ribbon tied at the top.
Description: The Wakizashis made of chakra conducting metal allowing one to mould their nature chakra or ordinary chakra into the blade to strengthen it with the chakra infusion skill. The blade is also made from a special metal that when the wakizashi is drawn from its sheathe empowers the user giving them a +50 Speed.
Requirement:Cost: 15,000 Ryo. To infuse chakra requires chakra infusion skill.

    Strength: 225
    Sharpness: 350
    Durability: 225


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