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B Rank: Capture the Missing Nins

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B Rank: Capture the Missing Nins

Post by Kagirinai on Sat Jun 08, 2013 11:15 am

Mission Name: Capture the Missing Nin
Rank: C
Type: Capture
Character Requirements: Genin with 400+, Genin Team, Chunin+
Location:Konohagakure Outskirts
NPC: Yes: Playing the Missing Nins
Word Count: 1,800
Ryo Reward:2,200
Bonus Rewards:Kill the Missing Nins no bonus, capture the Missing Nins: +1,000 Ryo Each
Mission Description:As expected of any village shinobi eventually go rogue these days it has been happening more and more. You have been given this mission scroll as pair of experienced genin have escaped from the village heading towards the outskirts towards the other villages. You are to hunt these genin down and capture them if you cannot then kill them and return with the body.

Genin 1
Specialities:Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Bukijutsu
Elements:Katon, Doton, Suiton, Youton (lava)
Weaponry: Wakizashi C Rank, Katana C Rank, Kunai x200, Shuriken x30, Senbon x30, Flash Bombs x2Exploding tags x50, Kunai Launcher

    Chakra Reserves:61
    Chakra Control:55
    Endurance: 80 - 800 health
    Accuracy: 60
    Tolerance: 30
    Perception: 50

Genin 2
Specialities:Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu
Elements:Katon, Fuuton, Suiton, Hyouton (Ice)
Weaponry:Sealing Scroll A Rank, Kunai x50, Shuriken x300, Senbon x300, Flash Bombs x2 Exploding tags x50, Shuriken Launcher and Senbon Launcher

    Chakra Reserves:81
    Chakra Control:70
    Endurance: 80 - 800 health
    Accuracy: 60
    Tolerance: 30
    Perception: 50


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