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Irou Hyuuga character creation DONE

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Irou Hyuuga character creation DONE

Post by Irou on Thu May 16, 2013 6:04 pm

Irou Hyuuga


Nickname: Irou the king (Name given by my dad)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birth-date: May 8th
Blood Type: AB+
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Personality: Irou is a nice young man, but sometimes his nice ways can turn into hateful and evil. Irou love to help out other ninjas inside his village he think that is a great way to show that he cares and want to be apart off thing, he also love to help out with elderly he also thinks that is a good way to interact around the village.

Not only he love to help out around the village and show that he cares eh also love to do other things like party and have fun while he got free time, but sometimes that good and nice Irou can turn into a hateful boy that just want to kill and do crazy shit.

Irou love to watch dead bodies and if he have free time eh love to experiment on the bodies. He also love to kill ninjas for fun, he actually think that is a good way to let off some steam when he get pissed off.

Also he likes to play around and make jokes he think that is a fun way to put a smile on somebody face.

His personality is like a good mood but also can be crazy but he only does that to ninjas he knows, so yeah don't nobody mess around with young Irou

  • Reading
  • smoking cigar's
  • drinking booze
  • getting drunk
  • killing
  • blood
  • nice ninjas
  • torture
  • pain
  • good fights
  • Learning new thing's
  • eating ramen
  • Having fun
  • Listening to music
  • Meeting new friends


  • Ignorant people
  • Losing fights
  • Ninja's that talk to much
  • Ninja's that brag

Fears:People that are stronger then me.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Learning

Dreams: To become hokage of konohagakure
Medical Conditions: N/A


Height: 5 ft.7
Weight: 106
Body Build: Irou Hyuuga is muscular, and athletic
Distinguishing features: Dragon tattoo that cover the whole left side of his face!
Hair: Red hair with spikes in it
Eye:all whit eyes with white surrounding them
Physical Appearance: Irou wears some black skinny jeans pants and also a white t-shirt with his dark black boots and a necklace that he wears with his name carve on it. He also wears finger-less gloves (btw it might not be in the picture just thought I'll add that) he always keep a lazy look on his face with his dragin tattoo that is located on the left side of his face.

And he also sometimes switch to his light clothing which a light blue t-shirt with a coin necklace and his light gray pant with a little bit of pattering designing's on it and to top it off with his blue shoes.

With another kind of clothing he wear when eve he got something important to do is his sharp clothing which looks a little bit something like this although I most say:

AND YES HE OWN ALL OF THOSE with pants that go with them.

9btw at the bottom that is his normal appearance)

Shinboi/Kunoichi Record

Ninja ID:
Village: konohagkaure no sato

    [Primary] Ninjutsu
    [Tertiary] Puppteer

Basic Element:


Advanced Element:




  1. Photographic memory
  2. Higher intelligence which means:

    • Extraordinary intellectual and creative power.
    • A person of extraordinary intellect and talent: "One is not born a genius, one becomes a genius" (Simone de Beauvoir).
    • A person who has an exceptionally high intelligence quotient, typically above 140.
    • A strong natural talent, aptitude, or inclination: has a genius for choosing the right words.
    • One who has such a talent or inclination: a genius at diplomacy.

Jinchuuriki Status: N/A

Stat Sheet

    Chakra Reserves:100
    Chakra Control:110


History: When Irou hyuuga was a academy student all his parents wanted was the best for Irou, they didn't want him to be a evil and disregardful also dis-grateful. When he became a genin Irou begin to train the gift he had which was the 'hyuuga clan'. He was able to learn somethings about his byakugan , but not any taijutsu jutsus yet. But around the first month when new academy students was coming in Irou was getting ready for the genin exams which wasn't that bad if ya studied.When he was able to passed his genin exam Irou went off for traveling all over the ninja world looking around for more hyuuga's so he could make some kind of connect to them, but it seemed Irou made history he might have been the only hyuuga. Irou life as a genin was amazing, he was able to travel around in some villages and see new things also learn more about his clan and other cool stuff. But still that missing piece about other members inside his clan made him feel weird but at the same time happy, because he loved to be the only hyuuga around his village. When Irou was a chuunin he was known as the only hyuuga in konohagkaure but one day Irou found what he was looking for! a hyuuga joined konohagkaure and also the boy was kind of smart and already knew stuff about the hyuuga clan. When it was time for Irou to meet his parents he waited at their old family home where the was suppose to have meeting but they never seemed to come, after Irou thought his parents abandon him he went to the ramen shop where he would eat some ramen and think. But while he was eating there was an anbu that approached him telling Irou that his parents was murdered. After Irou received that news he walked away and he knew that it was going to be hell to pay for who ever killed his parents but until then Irou would have to get more hyuuga's and put them on the mission. When Irou was a jounin he already had seven members inside konohagakure  and the hyuuga clan was getting even stronger every day. But since Irou is a jounin he hope to become a anbu and make konohagkaure  a safer village.

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