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B Rank: Crush the Bandit Camp

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B Rank: Crush the Bandit Camp

Post by Hayato on Sun Jun 30, 2013 1:53 pm

Mission Name: Crush the Bandit Camp II
Rank: B
Type:  Annihilate
Character Requirements:  Genin 400+ Stats, Geniun Team, Chunin+
Location: Kirigakure Outskirts
Repeatable: Yes
Word Count: 1,800+
Ryo Reward: 2,000 Ryo
Bonus Rewards:Search the Tents for items (What you find will be up to the mod/admin who approves)
Mission Description:Many bandit camps have been popping up around the outskirts of Kirigakure with rumours of an up-rising. You are tasked with heading to one of the camps and completely annihilating all rebels and bandits within while rescuing any hostages. You are free to raid the camp for treasure same with the corpses.

Bandits Elites x15

    Chakra Reserves: 0
    Chakra Control: 0
    Strength: 50
    Speed: 50
    Endurance: 60 - 600 health
    Accuracy: 60
    Tolerance: 30

Bandit Grunts x100

    Chakra Reserves:0
    Chakra Control:0
    Endurance: 40 - 400 health
    Accuracy: 40
    Tolerance: 20
    Perception: 30

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