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Post by Kagirinai on Sun Jun 30, 2013 12:38 pm


Now you may be wondering just what unlockers are? Unlockers are unique items that appear in the promotions with a section all on there own, they can also be achieved in events or plots. the amount of unlockers you gain from events and plots varies depending on the the event/plot.

Unlockers are unique items that when gained allow you to unlock gear of your choosing. Below are a list of what unlockers will do for you when used. Multiple unlockers can be used for one item over and over they can even be used for ranking oneself up, unlocking bloodlines, jutsu points, stat points, jinchuuriki cloak forms, elements, specialities even money. Below is the list.

Single Unlockers: are that when used take up 1 unlocker at a time

  1. 1 Unlocker = Unlock next Element (Basic or advanced)
  2. 1 Unlocker = Unlock 1 speciality point
  3. 1 Unlocker = Unlock next stage of your bloodline (Sharingan 2nd tomoe)
  4. 1 Unlocker = Next stage of your Jinchuuriki cloak (Eg V2 Form or Partial Transformation)
  5. 1 Unlocker = Unlock 100,000 Ryo
  6. 1 Unlocker = Unlock Jutsu Points equal to your total used jp if you have no jp equal to your stats (eg. Jp you used it 100 but you have 300 in total then you get 100 jp)
  7. 1 Unlocker = Unlock Stat points equal to half your current stat points (if you are going to cap with this you go to 1,600)
  8. 1 Unlocker = Unlock 50kg of your training tekkou or training weights

Multiple Unlockers: these are items that when used will use up multiple unlockers eg rank unlockers. For instance two unlockers will allow you you to rank from academy student to genin. Three unlockers will rank you up to Chunin, in total to go from academy student to chunin you will require five unlockers.

  1. 2 Unlockers = allow you to rank up to Genin
  2. 3 Unlockers = allow you to rank up to Chunin
  3. 4 Unlockers = allow you to rank up to Tokubetsu Jounin
  4. 5 Unlockers = allow you to rank up to Jounin/Anbu
  5. 8 Unlockers = allow you to rank up to Dainin
  6. (You may not use unlockees to achieve the rank of Kage)

Please note unlockers cannot be used for learning limited or forbidden techniques.


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