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Shiton (Extinct Bloodline) W.I.P

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Shiton (Extinct Bloodline) W.I.P

Post by Kagirinai on Wed Jun 26, 2013 2:28 am

Name: Shiton (death Release)
Type: Chakra Limit
Village: The Destroyed Village Shigakure no Sato (The Village Hidden in Death)
Ability: The Shiton or Death Release is a rare and now extinct bloodline that belonged to the once proud village Shigakure no sato or the Village Hidden in Death a village that thrived on the outskirts of the element nations but was wiped off the face of the earth by the Juubi. The Shiton or Death Release is a unique advanced element that is comprised of none of the five base elements but is comprised of Yin Release and Yang Release instead of using one half part yin and one half part yang or fifty-fifty parts the Shiton is comprised of seventy-five parts Yin and twenty-five parts Yang overpowering with creation and imagination then incorporating life however due to the overpowering yin it overpowers the yang's life breathing aspect changing it that it decays life taking it instead. The Shiton when utilised allows one to release a black like corrosive vapour of mist that rots and ages everything it touches and comes in contact with. When one coats them-self in the shiton it creates a black mist around them that when touched decays their bodies even turning everything to dust.

The Shiton even works on chakra techniques ageing the chakra inside of it till it disperses leaving no chakra behind at all causing the techniques to dispel. Fire techniques burn away till they become nothing, water turns to vapour gas, earth rots away, wind dissolves, lightning perishes, lava turns to stone before breaking and rotting, wood decay's ect. No chakra based technique is safe against the usage of Shiton.

A true master of the Shiton is capable of stopping this decaying and ageing process causing people to age stopping at a few years or leaving them as a hump of old flesh and meat ageing them fifty sixty even seventy years. One can make the rotting/decaying process slow or fast depending on their thoughts controlling the decaying element.
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