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Post by Yami on Fri May 03, 2013 4:08 pm

1,000 years ago

One thousand years ago Mankind lived peacefully with one another. In that day the armies were filled with noble Samurai that marched to their Lord's orders doing as there lord commanded. The land was in peace as there had been no war for ten long years. But soon everything began to change greed swept the land as the heart's of Man began to change. Evil began to spread in the hearts of mankind turning brother against brother, sister against sister, family against family, mothers against daughters and fathers against sons. War began to erupt between villages and chaos was created. As the darkness in mankinds hearts began to grow it soon gave birth to ten terrible and monstrous creatures. These demons had been forged in the lowest depths of the underworld by Yami the King of the Underworld. He sent these spirits into the world of the living to possess those whose hearts were darkest and souls who were black as night. As these demons possessed humans they gave birth to the ten tailed demons the Ten Bijuu. The beasts that arose were the Juubi no Ryuu the ten tailed dragon, the Kyuubi no Raion the Nine tailed Lion, Hachibi no Kuro tsubasa the Eight tailed Black phoenix, Shichibi no Anaguma the seven tailed badger, Rokubi no Koyote the six tailed Koyote, Gobi no Haien the five tailed Haein, Yonbi no Itachi the four tailed weasel, Sanbi no Wani the three tailed Crocodile, Nibi no Komodoryuu the two tailed komodo dragon and finally the Ichibi no Shirokuma the one tailed Polar bear.

These ten beasts born from the evil in the hearts of ten humans quickly tore across the lands destroying all in their wake blackening the skies and earth destroying everything in their path.

900  years ago

For one hundred years these beasts terrorised the lands killing all humans in their path hunting them nearly to the brink of extinction. The humans had been forced into hiding underground in order to avoid the beast’s everyday living in fear.

But as evil existed so did the good in the hearts of mankind. Kami above in heaven had been watching the turmoil and crafted six spirits from his own energy each would seek out six humans who possessed desirable traits and fuse with them to battle the Bijuu created by his dark brother. The six spirits flew down from above flying across the land each seeking out a human finding six who was compassionate, kind, merciful, loving and valued justice. These six gave permission for the spirits to take over their bodies and they became the Roku Seiju the Six Saint Beasts. The beasts became known as the Koryuu the Yellow Dragon, Seiryuu the Azure Dragon, Suzaku the Vermilion Bird, Byakko the White Tiger, Genbu the Black Tortoise and the Shiro Kitsune the White Fox.

The sixteen beasts waged war against one another constantly fighting destroying the earth mankind going into hiding again as these two sides clashed over and over one to destroy the human race the other to protect it.

800  years ago

One hundred years passed since the birth of the ten Bijuu and the Roku Seiju. One hundred years of the sixteen beasts fighting constantly leaving the earth bare. But it was from this that chakra was discovered as the constantly release of chakra flowed to the humans altering some of their chakra paths. The chakra from the demons and saint beasts infusing the humans blessing them with what would later been known as the advanced elements.

With the passing of the years the Koryu and Juubi in order to destroy one another forged two Eye limits. The Koryu took a human a wandering monk who cared greatly for others always willing to help and took him aside allowing his chakra to course into his eyes and with guidance from Kami changed his DNA and blessed him with a powerful Doujutsu. The man’s eyes changed turning purple with a ring like pattern giving birth to the legendary and famed Rinnegan one of the three powerful Doujutsu. The Juubi finding a man with hatred embedded into his core took this human and allowed his dark and foul chakra to course through his being twisting his eyes to create a reflection of his hatred. With this hatred the Sharingan was born and as the man’s hatred grew it evolved becoming the Eien Mangekyou Sharingan. These two warriors clashed time and time again destroying the landscape as they fought their descendants constantly fighting in battle as the Uchiha and Megumu.

The Koryu seeing that his champion was equalled with the champion of the Juubi began to teach the humans and gave a group a new bloodline an ability that turned them into half dragons allowing them to wield the flames of the dragon inside their very body. With his gift the Hiryu Fire Dragon Bloodline was born allowing humans to use powerful flames to combat the darkness of the Juubi.

As time continued new bloodlines and elements were formed. From the Juubi came the element of Meiton or dark release. From Kyuubi was the birth of Shakuton the Scorch element. Shichibi's chakra gave birth to Koton or steel release a weaker version to its Kinton or metal release. From the Rokubi came sunaton or Sand release. Gobi's Shinzenton or nature release gave birth to the Mokuton element which allowed for the lands to be replenished with life. The Yonbi gave birth to the Jinton or dust release element. Futton or boil release was given birth from the Sanbi. From Nibi came Youton or Lava release and finally from Ichibi was Hyouton or Ice release.

Like the Bijuu the Saint beasts too created bloodlines from Kōryū came the Hikariton or Light release. Seiryuu created Arashiton or Storm release. From Suzuka was Bakuton the explosion element. Byakko gave birth to Jinton the swift element and Genbu gave birth to Shoton the crystal element.

It was from these elements that the basic elements Katon Fire, Suiton Water, Doton Earth, Futon Wind and Raiton Lightning were created as each of elements given from the sixteen beasts were broken down into five basic elements it was this that gave birth to the rise of ninja. Besides the creation of elemental bloodlines others found themselves being given bloodlines of the body or Doujutsu eye traits. Thanks to Suzaku's regenerative ability its chakra fused itself with the DNA of mankind forming the Shikotsumyaku bloodline of the Kaguya clan allowing them to use their bones as a weapon strengthening it and quickly regrowing their bones. The Hozuki clan’s ability to turn into liquid was blessed to them by the Seiryuu itself with its high water manipulation abilities. The Seiryuu chakra gave birth to the Byakugan the blooodline of the Hyuga's known as the Byakugan allowing them to see great distances, see the chakra pathway and see in a three hundred and sixty degree vision.

Many bloodlines known as Kekkai Genkai began to appear each originating from anyone of the sixteen beasts. Though with these Kekkai Genkai it was discovered that the demon or holy energy had incorporated itself with the human body making them able to use what was known as chakra. However it wasn't always bloodlines that were created some humans gained knowledge or unique abilities to use. It was the Rokubi's chakra that changed the features of certain humans making them more feral and beast like allowing them to communicate with the canine kind and use them in battle they were the Inuzuka.

The Genbu passed down its wisdom to a select group of humans giving them the ability to speak to insects and use them in battle. Two different clans were born one using Bees the Kamizuru Clan and the other using kikaichū bugs the Aburame Clan. Not only could these clans use these bugs as their main form of weapons but they were freely able to speak with other insects and use them.

It was thanks to Suzaku and its regenerative ability that it passed down the unique ability of longevity to numerous humans that came together becoming known as the Uzumaki clan. They would later on discover the ability of creating Fuuinjutsu making them famed and feared. From Juubi passed down the ability to perform mind techniques allowing certain humans to attack their opponents mind and to even switch from their body into another’s to take control. These humans became known as the Yamanaka famed for their mind techniques. Juubi blessed another group of humans giving them a unique ability to use their own shadows to manipulate their shadows for combat creating the Nara.

Next was Shichibi blessing another set of humans with the knowledge to use their chakra to expand certain parts of their bodies. This knowledge allowed them to became powerful fighters on the front line becoming powerful foes creating the clan known as the Akimichi. Byakko having been known to easily master techniques gave this skill to its own select group of humans. These humans became known as Masters of what would later be known as Jutsu. This act created the Sarutobi clan a clan of skilled users that are able to master high level techniques faster than others.

It was from the Shiro Kitsune that knowledge of Genjutsu was passed down to the humans giving them the power of illusions. However they were merely only able to bend reality unable to make real illusions like the Shiro Kitsune. Only a few humans gained this ability to bend reality to make the impossible real they became the Kurama Clan a clan of skilled Genjutsu users.

500 years ago

Four hundred years passed since the creation of the Kekkai Genkai. As mankind trained to use their new abilities the Bijuu and Seijuu suddenly vanished from the face of the earth never being seen again many thought they vanished for good but they merely went into hiding to rest to regain the chakra they had lost in battle against one another. It wouldn't be for another another years the Bijuu and Seiju would be seen. With their disappearance the humans began to settle and rebuild the world.

300 years ago

As bloodlines began to form so did clans each coming together appearing all over the nations. The users of the Mokuton or wood release bloodline given from the Gobi used their bloodline to travel the world restoring nature from the destruction having been caused by the Bijuu and Saint beasts. As these clans formed so did the nations that followed becoming known as the Shinobi Nations of Kaze no Kuni, Hi no Kuni, Kaminari no Kuni, Tsuchi no Kuni and Mizu no Kuni. In each of these lands a Daimyo was born that allowed for the birth of a ninja village. The first of these villages to be formed was Kumogakure no Sato in Kaminari no Kuni. Following after was Konohagakure no Sato in Hi no Kuni, then Kirigakure no Sato in Mizu no Kuni, fourth was Sunagakure no Sato in Kaze no Kuni and lastly Iwagakure no Sato in Tsuchi no Kuni

In each village they were lead by a single leader known as the kage. Konohagakure gave birth to its Hokage, Iwagakure gave birth to a Tsuchikage, Sunagakure was the Kazekage, with Kirgakure came the Mizukage and Kumogakure gave birth to the Raikage. Each of these fives Kage's strong and worthy of the title to lead there village to greatness. With this the world of shinobi was born and the land that was once known as Tetsu no Kuno or Land of iron the birth place of the Samurai vanished becoming ruins of its former self having been destroyed by the battles of the BIjuu and Seiju.

200 years ago

One hundred more years came to pass and the Five Great Shinobi Villages finally established themselves and their shinobi began performing numerous missions to increase their villages reputation. Everything about the Bijuu and Roku Sentu-juu was forgotten as if they had never existed so for one hundred long years peace remained amongst the five villages. However that changed with the rising of all Sixteen great beasts. With the first of the beasts the Ichibi it attacked the village of Kirigakure where during the attack one of the many shinobi performed what became known as Fuuinjutsu using it to seal the Ichibi inside of a newborn child within the village. This member was part of the Uzumaki clan blessed by Suzaku with their longevity.

It was through this that the other beasts were hunted down to be sealed off. Each village trying to get as many as they could in order to stay strong encase one decided to wage war. It was this that sparked the rise of the First Great Shinobi World War. All Five villages went against one another to capture the beasts. Many lives were lost as the villages went against one another. They had sealed the demons into not only newborns but adults. These became known as the Jinchuuriki there were raised as tools as weapons for their village.

150 Years ago

The war went on for fifty long years the Jinchuuriki were pitted on the front line fighting against one another. The villages pitted Bijuu against Bijuu and Saint Beast against Saint Beast. The only beasts that weren’t sealed were the Juubi no Ryuu and the Koryu. These two put aside their differences and decided to put a stop to the mistreatment of their brethren. These two attacked the shinobi nations during the war killing the Jinchuuriki and extracting their fellow bijuu and Saint Beasts before parting ways leaving ruin and destruction having destroyed the Great Shinobi villages. However the Shinobi of each nation rebuilt their villages with the goals to grab as many bijuu and saint beasts as possible. It was at this time that the art of summoning was discovered for shinobi to summon large animals to fight with them giving them an advantage in battle.

130 years ago

Twenty two years passed with the Koryu and the Juubi having both gone into hiding since the first shinobi war resting up never being seen again. It was because of this that once again the bijuu and Seiju were sealed up inside of newborn children the villages wanting to contain the chakra of these beasts. It was at this time that the rise of the Second Great Shinobi War began. The Five Nations marched across their Shinobi clashing once more.

100  years ago

The Second Great Shinobi World war lasted for a full thirty Years. The five nations loosing there Jinchuuriki as the bijuu and Seiju escaped into the wild having broken free from their Jinchuuriki while they had been weak from the war, though some had stayed on the battle fields to teach the shinobi a lesson only to have been resealed into new Jinchuuriki. It was because of all these actions that the Seiju began to change they had once protected mankind but now they began to curse humans for sealing them and trying to misuse there powers. They treated there containers as nothing but tools items to be used and thrown away torturing them.

80-60  years ago

After only twenty years of peace a Third Great Shinobi World War broke out once more. The war lasted a full twenty years as each village waged war against one another trying to capture the other villages Jinchuuriki. Each Village hungry for power just like the other. The war was ended upon the release of sixteen beasts from their hosts as the beasts destroyed the land and the armies of all five shinobi nations before leaving only to be hunted down to later be sealed once more as twenty years of war passed.

20  years ago
Forty years have passed and the villages have remained peaceful as their Jinchuuriki trained and when they died the beasts were resealed into new containers. Amongst the wars and the years many notable shinobi came to be amongst them was a single Raikage who has existed since nearly the beginning many know him as the immortal Raikage. Each village changed as peace continued to grow and villages prospered as their legends grew and the legends of their wars. History was told by the victors and the losers each village having their own depiction of what happened during the war shoving the blame onto someone else.

Current Time

Twenty long years have come to pass peace amongst the four nations however each being somewhat hostile to the other. But war is soon to break out with the reappearance of the Juubi no Ryuu and Koryuu over which village will be the first to obtain both or either powerful beasts.

Great Shinobi World War Timeline

200 Years ago - Start of First Great Shinobi World War
150 - End of First Great Shinobi World War
130 - Start of Second Great Shinobi World War
100 Years ago - End of Second Great Shinobi World War
80 Years ago - Start of Third Great Shinobi World War
20 Years ago - End of Third Great Shinobi World War


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