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A Rank: Unknown Beasts II

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A Rank: Unknown Beasts II

Post by Kagirinai on Sat Jun 08, 2013 2:36 pm

Mission Name: Unknown Beasts I
Rank: A
Type: Destroy
Character Requirements: Experienced Genin Team (1 Genin 600+ stats, 1 500+, 1 300+,Genin+ 600 Stats, Chunin 600+stats, Tokubetsu Jounin+
Location: Hi no Kuni
Repeatable: Yes
Word Count: 4,000
Ryo Reward:5,000 Ryo
Bonus Rewards:2+ Praying Mantas 1,000 per mantas
Mission Description:Around Hi no Kuni weird creatures have been showing up all over even near populated villages. These creatures are some form of unknown insect most likely due to some experiment gone wrong easily standing at twenty feet or higher even close to forty. Your job is to go to one of more of these locations and wipe out as many of these beasts as possible in order to prevent as many from breeding as possible. Becareful these beasts are strong with razor sharp pincers and can grab you with their extra arms. They are even able to spew flames from their mouths.
The beast:

Stats of each beast

    Chakra Reserves:80 - 800 chakra
    Pincer Sharpness:100
    Endurance: 120 - 1,200 health
    Accuracy: 50
    Tolerance: 50
    Perception: 50
    Flames Strength: 80 (-80 chakra when used)


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