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Training Tekkou

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Training Tekkou Empty Training Tekkou

Post by Madara Uchiha on Tue Jun 04, 2013 11:59 am

Name: Training Tekkou
Type: Training Glove
Rank: D
Training Tekkou Tekko_b
Fingerless black clovers covering the back of the hand with a metal chakra conducting blade inside with weight seals engraved into it.
The training Tekkou are fingerless black hand covers with metal plates in the material over the back of the hand. Each metal plate is made of chakra conducting material with the weight seal engraved into them. When chakra is added to the metal plates it increases the weight of the Tekkou making them heavier. This is used for increasing ones strength. When first activated ones decrease in strength is equal to the strength gain from the weight until one has become adjusted. When the gloves are removed one will find their strength enhanced.

Strength Gain when weights are off (note these are not stacking effects)
20kg: +1 Strength
40kg: +2 Strength
60kg: +4 Strength
80kg: +6 Strength
100kg: +10 Strength
120kg: +15 Strength
140kg: +20 Strength
160kg: +30 Strength
180kg: +40 Strength
200kg: +50 Strength
220kg: +60 Strength
240kg: +70 Strength
260kg: +80 Strength
280kg: +90 Strength
300kg: +100 Strength
400kg: +120 Strength
500kg: +130 Strength
600kg: +140 Strength
700kg: +150 Strength
800kg: +160 Strength
900kg: +180 Strength
1tone:+200 Strength
Requirement: 6,000 Ryo.
Tekkou Durability: 50

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