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Training Weights

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Training Weights Empty Training Weights

Post by Madara Uchiha on Fri May 31, 2013 5:02 pm

Name: Training Weights
Type: Weights
Rank: D
Training Weights Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSzi7evmBo3n4M8TAyHNNaz6haGkVCBlk3VffdxMsXNxhQTRFVGwg
Description: Training weights are metal bars each weighing 10 kilograms. These bars are placed inside of the weight compartment being a material made of chakra thread that can be wrapped around the legs with slots for bars to be placed into each. These weights are used primarily for training as when they are worn makes it harder for one to move an the heavier they air the harder it is to train. By wearing weights one becomes slower and to overcome this they must train but when the weights are removed one will find themselves faster than ever. Ones speed is increased depending on the amount of weight one has to overcome the weight one must train for a certain period to become accustom to the weight.

When first used ones decrease in speed is equal to the stat gain from the weight until one has become adjusted.

Speed Gain when weights are off (note these are not stacking effects)
20kg: +1 Speed
40kg: +2 Speed
60kg: +4 Speed
80kg: +6 Speed
100kg: +10 Speed
120kg: +15 Speed
140kg: +20 Speed
160kg: +30 Speed
180kg: +40 Speed
200kg: +50 Speed
220kg: +60 Speed
240kg: +70 Speed
260kg: +80 Speed
280kg: +90 Speed
300kg: +100 Speed
400kg: +120 Speed
500kg: +130 Speed
600kg: +140 Speed
700kg: +150 Speed
800kg: +160 Speed
900kg: +180 Speed
1tone:+200 Speed

Training requirement: For each 10kg of weight you must train 500 words in order to become use to that new weight. If you currently wear no weights and you buy 40kg worth you must make a 2,000 word training post in order to become use to those weights. If you have 100kg of weights but buy another 200kg you must make a 5,000 word post.
Requirement: 200 Ryo per 10kg

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Training Weights Empty Re: Training Weights

Post by Phanar on Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:01 am

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