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Fire Bomb

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Fire Bomb

Post by Madara Uchiha on Fri May 31, 2013 12:12 pm

Name: Fire Bomb
Type: Explosive
Rank: C
The fire bomb is the size of a tennis ball mixed with gunpowder and explosive materials and multiple exploding tags inside. it weighs only one pound.
Description: The fire bomb is a larger scale version of the exploding tag and easily five times stronger. The fire bomb can be easily thrown while the exploding tag needs to be laid flat or attached to a tool for throwing. The bomb explodes immediately on impact with anything that touches it even the wind or a feather. The bomb can be placed on delay by forming the snake seal then activating them by the ram seal making them explode when needed.

When wet the bomb becomes inactive. When a fire bomb is set off amongst other fire bombs the strength of the bombs are stacked. If you throw four fire bombs together and they explode in close to each other the strength of the bombs become 400 and speed of the explosion 200
Requirement 500 Ryo per Bomb

    Strength of the Explosion: 150
    Speed of the Explosion: 100
    Durability of the Bomb: 50

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