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Fuyu Clan : Death Trigger Seal

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Fuyu Clan : Death Trigger Seal

Post by Dagonn of the Shadows on Sat May 25, 2013 2:09 pm

Name: Fuyu Clan : Death Trigger Seal
Rank: S
Type: Juinjutsu
Element: Ice
Range: Body of Inflicted Seal
Handseals: Dragon, Tiger, Ox
Death Seal Image
Description: By combining Ice with Juinjutsu, A strong death seal is created. When the opponent is near death or dying, You can apply a Death Seal that will cool down vital parts of the person with the seals body. They will have half speed and half perception, due to cooled down muscles and frozen up senses. The chakra network works the same though. The ice will add an extra shell to your bones and muscles, doubling your durability. When they want to, the person that implanted the seal on the person can kill the person within 5 minutes, the ice taking over the organs and stopping them completely.
Requirements: Fuyu Clan descent or taught by Dagonn, Ice Jutsu, Juinjutsu Spec, Fuinjutsu spec
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