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The Rules of the Site

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The Rules of the Site Empty The Rules of the Site

Post by Madara Uchiha on Sun Apr 28, 2013 12:52 pm

The Rules

1) Respect all members, moderators and administrators on the site. There is not to be racial slurs, sexual harassment, gender insults, age insults, no mocking of someone's beliefs nor pushing your beliefs onto another. We are all entitled to our beliefs and own views but do not force these onto others. Breaking of this rule will result in a 1 hour ban from the site. Break it again that's a 24 hour ban. Should you break this rule a 3rd time a complete ban.

2) No spamming or flooding. This means no double or triple posting, do not flood areas of the site with unrelated comments.

3) No interfering in RP sessions and stories. Simply if your not apart of the topic don't reply to it. Do not posted in threads labelled closed or private unless asked to nor post OOC comments in them. If you wish to be part of the thread message privately all members of the thread for permission.

4) Language. This is an English Roleplay site. Japanese is the only accepted language and that is for small phrases and the names of techniques, bloodlines and animals nothing else. So please keep everything else in english if not you get two warnings on the third a removal from the site.

5) Third Person speech and grammar. All topics are to be done in third person with the correct grammar. This means you will not write in first or second person your character may speak in first or second only if due to a personality fault. Also with grammar no text talk meaning no 'u', 'lmfao', 'lol' simple as that. If any of this is seen you will be removed. You may use text talk in the chatbox or in OOC but that is all.

6) Don't argue with a Moderator or Admin. The word of a moderator or admin is law! Please don't disagree with our actions. If you have been warned/banned/lectured by a mod, and heavily disagree, please don't lash out and fight back. It will make things worse. Contact an admin and discuss your issue intelligently. By contacting an admin we can come to terms with what has happened and create a solution

7) No hateful of sexual content. This means no pornographic images, videos or links in any of your posts or signatures as well as racial or hateful images, comments, videos or links in your posts or signatures eg 'Promoting nazi's' or 'F all jews' things like that are a no. If any of this is seen will result in an immediate ban from the site.

Cool DO not abuse positions of power. This is aimed towards the admins and moderators as well as members in positions such as a Kage. If you are seen being biased or abusing the power you have been given it will be removed no arguing or questions about it. If you are seen heavily abusing the power you may be banned.

9) Do no continuously ask staff for approvals by PM. THE board labelled 'topics needing approval' is where you post anything that requires review or approval no where else. If you spam a moderators or admins inbox you will be warned and given a one hour ban. Should this happen a second time a 24 hour banned, a third time a week ban. Break this a fourth time and a permanent ban from the site.

10) Please use readable colours that one can see when roleplay. All speaking done by your character must be done with speech marks " " as well as in a readable colour do not bold this please. If your are a Jinchuuriki you may bold your text for demonic speech. All thoughts are to be done in italics . All jutsu must be underlined.

11) When using Jutsu in a topic they must be linked at the bottom of the page and in a spoiler
Like this
. This also includes all images they must be in a spoiler as well this will prevent stretching of the page.


[spoiler]Text here[/spoiler]

12) When writing topics the title must be appropriate no "HELP ME" or "THIS IS AWESOME"

13) Before you roleplay your character must be approved and before using any Jutsu they must be approved and added to your character log. This also includes bloodlines, familiars, summons, items and weapons. If your are caught roleplaying without your gear being approved you will be warned and banned for one hour. A second time banned for twenty-four hours. A third time permanently.

14) Thread Tags.
-If a Roleplay title has 'P' it means it is private and you cannot join it without having a legitimate reason for doing so, to join a 'P' topic you must ask.
-If a topic say 'IO' that means invite only you can only join if you are invited to.
-'NK or No kill" means no killing in this topic, those who join just want to roleplay without the fear of death so if you are found killing in these kind of topics it will be made void and you will face a potential one hour ban.
-'O' is open meaning any can join.
-If a topic says 'K' this is a killing topic so enter at your own risk please.
-Topics labelled 'M' means mature this will have sexual or gory content, if you plan on doing this please label your topic as 'M' and if it involves sexual content label it as 'P'.
-Any violation of these will mean post voiding or banning for a period of time or a permanent ban. (Note raping of other peoples characters is not tolerated here either)

15)Alternative Characters. You may have to 3 characters, however only 2 may take up limited spots being limited ranks, bloodlines eg Sharingan and Mokuton, limited abilities eg Dust Release and Jinchuuriki.

16) All your accounts must be linked with one another.  In your signature has links to all your character profiles. If you do not you will be warned once again and banned. You will not be allowed to try and get away with having a number of limited spots.

17) No Metagaming: Using out-of-character knowledge that your character would not otherwise know in-character to gain an unfair advantage

18) No Autohitting: Unfairly hitting the other player's character without giving them a chance to respond. However if someone does not reply within 48 hours you may post again and auto-hit.

19) No Godmodding: Controlling another person's character or dodging and avoiding all attacks, using multiple attacks that you do not have or would not be able to use in rapid succession. Any god-modding seen will result in an immediate warning, topic/post void as well as 24 hour ban this also applies to metagaming and autohitting. This also includes no infinite chakra reserves AS you can't just keep firing Jutsu without becoming exhausted as chakra is not infinite. You run out of chakra eventually depending on your reserves and control. Meaning a Chunin cannot fire ten S ranks in a row without running out of chakra nor can a Genin launch of ten consecutive B rank Jutsu without tiring

20) When posting in a topic or making a topic if your posting for the first time in it YOU MUST put up the top of your post your CHARACTER'S CURRENT stat points. If you use a JUTSU you must post it at the BOTTOM of your topic. All topics you make learning a new jutsu or creating stats happen after that thread is made meaning you cannot use items, weapons, jutsu or extra stat points you've gained that you did not have at the time of the thread. If in that thread your SPEED is +20 and your still posting in it while in another topic you've just done training to boost your speed to +30, you do not have +30 speed in any topics made before the new topic meaning you still have +20 speed in your old threads.

21) No stealing of other peoples applications being character, clan,bloodline, items, weapons, summons, animals, jutsu ect. If this is seen you will be banned

22) Please don't copy and paste (On this site or from another site) that just make me mad and it make the site look bad. (penalties) 1st time 1 day ban,2nd time week ban,3rd time month ban,4th time perma ban

23) I Madara Uchiha am the main admin and owner currently have 3 accounts Madara Uchiha, Yami and Kagirinai, the last two are for roleplaying ONLY when I am logged in as Kagirinai or Yami you are to bother me at all with reviewing or approving only when I am logged in as Madara Uchiha. And I'm the other mod, Tyho! :3

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